DT Investment Partners serves as an Independent Investment Consultant for high net worth individuals and institutions.

Often times, high net worth clients are unaware of how their investment relationships are structured, leaving them vulnerable in the complex world of investment advisory services. As an Independent Investment Consultant, we serve as an advocate to the ultra high net worth and institutional marketplace, initially providing clients with a forensic investment analysis that delivers independent analytics in four main areas:

  • Fees: Are the fees being paid reasonable for the services provided? This includes not only advisory fees but manager fees, security fees, commissions, etc.
  • Asset Allocation: Is the portfolio allocation efficient (meaning the asset mix has historically provided the max return for a given level of risk)?
  • Security / Manager Use: What securities/managers are being used in an attempt to outperform the market? Are they employing more security selection or asset allocation decisions to achieve desired results?
  • Performance Analysis: A review of the performance presentation utilized by the current manager to identify true, net of fee performance. Are representative benchmarks utilized to allow a client to evaluate actual results? Is the manager out performing or under performing and what are the reasons for such results (e.g. performance attribution)?